1. 2015 Mini-Cassia Readers' Choice

  2. 2016 Readers' Choice Times-News

  3. 2017 Magic Valley Readers' Choice

  4. 2018 Magic Valley Readers' Choice

  5. Best of Bridal 2017

  6. Best of Bridal 2018

  7. Best of Bridal 2019

  8. Capture the Magic Valley 2020

    Capture the Magic Valley 2020

    Capture the Magic Valley 2020! We are so very excited to bring Capture the Magic Valley back for the 2021 Calendar. Submissions begin October 1st, 2020 and ends October 23rd, 2020!

    Keep in mind: the selected images will be featured in the 2021 Calendar on and need to be 11” wide x 8.5” tall: in an RGB color format, with 300dpi quality. Please attached as a .jpg

    Images need to be one of the following categories:

    Anonymous Portrait – A photo that captures the personality of a person’s silhouette through environment, expression and pose. These can be either candid or posed, as long as they give the viewer a deeper look into the subject of the portrait. Portraits do not have to be just a single object.

    Landscape/Nature – An image that shows the beauty of an environment and the wildlife that inhabit it. These photos can include people, but the primary focus should be on the environment. Animal images should be of wildlife, not pets. Also, landscape doesn’t have to mean nature, a picture of man-made structures are also landscape images if the focus is on the environment. Photos of the stars would fall under this category.

    Feature – Often referred to as a “found moment”, features encompass events, activities and action. Pictures from the county fair, your children at a playground or your dog running through the grass would fall into this category. These should not be posed photos, but images you captured in the moment

  9. Cutest Halloween Costume Contest

    Cutest Halloween Costume Contest

    Cutest Halloween Costume Photo Contest

    Witches, Zombies, Princesses...Oh my! Show off your costumes
    in this fun Halloween costume contest!

    Before the deadline of October 21st, upload your cutest costume photo in the appropriate age group: Ages 0 - 6, 7 - 12, 13 - 18.

    The check back and vote October 22nd - 29th, for one winner in each category. The winner of each category will win $25!

  10. Elko Daily Free Press 2016 Readers Choice

  11. Elko Readers' Choice

  12. Halloween Coloring Contest
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  16. Mini-Cassia Readers' Choice 2019

  17. Times-News Weekly Poll

    Times-News Weekly Poll

    We want to know what you're thinking and we'll
    share the results this weekend in the Times-News!

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